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In this section of the web site we will try to keep you current with projects that we are working on for the haunt.

First we think it is important that you meet the group that is making this all happen. This link will take you to our staff page, where you will be able to meet the boys and ghouls that help us every year!

Yard Layout

The above graphic is the proposed layout for the entire yard area. This will include a swamp walkthrough, the haunted house area, the Dragon's Den, and the Graveyard.

Haunt Room Plan

The above graphic is the proposed layout and themes for the rooms in the Haunted House.
If you would like to see the ideas for these rooms in more detail please click on the link below and it will take you to our room page.

As we work more on the project we will have updates and more details.

Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival

To raise money to build the haunt, and to advertise, we are going to have a booth at the "Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival". This is a yearly event to celebrate the grape harvest. More than twenty thousand people attend this event each year. To raise money we are going to have a booth at the festival with various games for kids to play. In keeping with our Medival theme we will use our Haunt facade for the front of the booth, and give the games a castle or dragon theme. To raise awareness about the Haunted House we will be taking part in the parade. We will have a small float and cast members will walk along handing out candy with flyers attached telling about the Haunt. We are hoping to make this a annual event to kick off our yearly advertising. The "Valley of the Moon Vintage Festival" is the last weekend of September which gives us a good months head start on advertising.

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