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        On these pages you will find the
        pictures and stories that go with
        the Vintage Festival Fundraiser.
        Please take the time to let the photo's
        load. We think you will find some of
        them very amusing.

        The Vintage Festival is a once a year event in Sonoma Valley. Most of the locals attend, and many tourists. Many of our group has attended the festival since we were young, and have taken our kids and grandkids.
        This year we decided to have a booth of children's games at the festival to raise money and raise awarness of our Haunted House. The booth is designed to keep with our castle and dragon theme, and will later be used as the facade of our haunt. The games are also being kept in the same setting.

        Please enjoy the stories and pictures that follow. They will lead you from the first day of building to the last day of the Festival.

        The start of the booth.

        The first battlement
        goes into place.

        Ross and John attaching the second battlement.

        Mike and John measure and cut one of the many pieces.

        Kim starts painting.

        RaeAnna starts the black walls!

        A shot of the work site.

        The second days progress.

        They never want to quit!