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The proposal written below contains the information about the Haunted House that will be put on to raise money for the children's home. Please read this information and contact me if you have any questions.

1. Cover Letter

a. Proposed Event -
The proposed event consists of an up-scale Haunted Attraction walk through (Haunted House), which will be opened to the public. The event will be open for three nights and will be accepting cash donations that will be given to the charity in their entirety. What we are seeking from the sponsors are material, cash, and discount donations.

b. Managing organization -
Dragon's Head Productions is an event producer who will design, construct, and provide staffing for the Haunted Event. A simple proprietorship, Dragon's Head Productions is owned and operated by Michael and Kathleen Marcrum of Sonoma California. Kathleen has lived her whole life in Sonoma Valley, and Michael has been a Sonoma resident since 1969. Michael has worked for the locally based Price Pump Company for the last 28 years.

c. Benefactors -
The major benefactor of this charity event are the children of "The Valley of the Moon Children's Home". All cash donations collected at the event will be given directly to the Children's Home.

A secondary benefactor will be the children who attend this family style event with their parents. They will be hosted to a haunted attraction produced to provide a safe and fun Halloween for all attendees.

2. Executive Summary

a. Who, What, When, Why and How scenarios -
Dragon's Head Productions, their staff, and their friends will produce a Haunted House called "The Dragon's Head Inn" for the weekend of October 29th, 30th, and 31st. The Haunted Attraction will be comprised of a graveyard set up, a haunted maze and a special Dragon's Den at the end where treats will be handed out for all young attendees. Due to the nature of the Charity involved, and the young attendees, there will be no gore or graphic displays located anywhere at the event.

The event will be open to the public and cash donation will be accepted in the name of "Valley of the Moon Children's Home". All profits will be collected by a charity representative present at the event, or forwarded to the charity if a representative can not be provided.

The Dragon's Head Inn will be built on the property located at 230 Perkins St., Sonoma, California. Dragon's Head Productions will handle all staffing and services, except for the collection of donations, which will be manned by the Valley of the Moon Children's Home volunteers. The Dragon's Head staff will also take care of all permits, inspections, security, and insurance. As well as promotions and advertising for the event.

b. Promotion overview -
This event will be promoted as a charity event and fund raiser for the Valley of the Moon Children's Home. It will be promoted at several other local events during the year and in the media during the month of October through PSA announcements.

c. Sponsorship prices -
To accrue materials for the project Dragon's Head Productions will solicit donations from individuals and businesses in the community. These donations will be used for the production of the Haunted House, and will remain the property of Dragon's Head Productions.

3. Fact Sheet

a. Name. Location, history -
Dragon's Head Productions has been producing The Dragon's Head Inn Haunted House at their El Verano home for the past 8 years. In those 8 years the Haunted House has grown from a one person act and a few props to a 15 person cast and thousands of dollars worth of props and equipment. Over the years the event has become a neighborhood favorite, which well supported by families in the area.

b. Attendance -
The first years attendance was less than 100 children, however, this grew quickly and in 1997 Dragon's Head entertained over 300 parents and kids. Many of these visitors asked if they could donate money to the attraction. After careful thought and an article about the Haunted House in the local newspaper the Marcrum's' decided to accept donations for a local Charity. In 1998 when the Valley of the Moon Children's Home consented to receiving the donations, the attraction was attended by over 600 patrons and raised $900 for the Charity.

c. Principles -
The major members of this group are the Marcrum's family and friends. This core group will take care of all planning, construction, costuming, effects, promotion, and any other areas that will effect the running of the event. Michael and Kathleen Marcrum will keep in contact and work out all the details with the local fire department for safety issues and the local police department on security issues.

4. Target Audience

a. Demographic -
In a 10 mile radius around the proposed site of the event there are 7 grammar schools, 1 Middle School, and 1 High School. The closest major Haunted House open during this time is in Rohnert Park, which is a 1/2 hour drive from Sonoma. Several of the grammar schools hold school Halloween parties on the weekend before Halloween and are only open for a few hours. This is a wide open market for a Charity Haunted House that is kept at a family entertainment level.

b. Psychographic -
Approximately 7 years ago the area did have a Haunted House that raised money for a local charity. The haunt was well attended and raised and was received by the local township. Up until a few years ago, the local schools held small Halloween gatherings at the schools in the evening, which was also well supported by area families. Now, however, there is very little in the way of Halloween events in the area.

c. Geographic -
The proposed event will be in the center of downtown Sonoma. There is plenty of on road parking and the site is very well lighted. It is near a major shopping center and gets plenty of traffic during the daytime, making it visible weeks before opening which will help with early word of mouth advertising.

5. Proposed participation (opportunity)

a. Type and level of sponsorship -
There will be three levels of sponsorships. The first, cash sponsorship, would be for businesses or individuals who would prefer cash donation to be used towards the purchase of materials and supplies. The second sponsorship level is donation of product, or services for those businesses that would like to donate materials or services at no charge to the production of the haunt. The third level is discount sponsorship for businesses that would like to provide discounts on materials and products that can be used for the event.

b. Type and scope of cooperative promotion -
In return for sponsorship of any type, either a business or individual, the sponsor will receive a certificate of sponsorship, a tax form for a deduction to a charity event, a listing of their name in all official advertising, and a posting of their name at the event site. With the large amount of advertising that is planned the sponsors name will be seen in many different media's.

c. Event amenities offered -
On Friday the 29th of October there will be a premiere of The Dragon's Head Inn that will be opened to sponsors and their families. This evening's gala will also be open to the children from the Valley of the Moon Children's Home so they may enjoy the Haunted House with some privacy.

6. Sponsorship Fee

a. Return on investment -
Sponsors of the event will have public relations visibility through the event advertising in local newspapers, local radio, and the area TV channel. Sponsor's names will be on all printed materials having to do with the event and will be posted at the site for the guests to see. The Haunt WebSite will also post all sponsors and their business information. They will also have VIP treatment at the preview party on October 29th.

b. Decision deadline -
If a sponsor is interested in donating to the charity event we must have their intention to do so in writing by Sept. 22, 1999. In that way we can make sure to include their names on all publicity, be able to make a budget knowing what funding we will have, and are able to use their donations as best as possible.

7. Marketing Plan

a. Previous marketing strategies ( include results) -
Last year was a first year opening the haunt with the intention of making money for a charity. Advertising was mainly done by hanging flyers up at local schools, and by posting posters at many local businesses. We were successful in getting news articles written about the event in the Sonoma Index Tribune With just this minimal advertising the attraction had over 600 attendees at the event and raised $900.

b. Proposed media coverage -
We are planning on having ads and news articles in the local paper and two country papers. We approaching two local radio stations, one a country station and one a Disney station to carry ads and lastly the use of Channel 50 in Santa Rosa. Flyers for the event will also be posted in local stores and handed out at all local schools.

c. Proposed sales promotions -
To draw attention to the event, a large raffle/drawing is planned for the first of October. All money raised at this drawing will go to the Valley of the Moon Children's Home.

A small booth at the Sonoma Vintage Festival in September is also planned. At the booth we will have children's games with prizes for the patrons that play. Each patron will receive a flyer for the Haunted House as they leave. The Vintage Festival is attended by hundreds of people from outside the local area.

Volunteers from the group will go to the local schools passing out brochures on Halloween Safety Awarness. This will bring flyers with Sponsors logos to all the children in the area schools, plus give them important safety tips.

8. Participation procedure/deadline

a. Contact name/address -

The person with whom sponsors shall make contact is:

Kathy Marcrum
230 Perkins St.
Sonoma, Ca. 95476

b. Decision date -
The deadline for the sponsorship signups is Sept. 22, 1999.