Like the Skeletons on this background our Haunt would be in pieces if not for the help of family and friends. Every year the help we get increases...as does the size of the haunt. Also with the increase in size the materials needed every year are also growing. So we can't forget those people in business who give us a break here and there! For this reason we dedicate this area we would like to thank those people who have helped this year.

First off my husband has to have my greatest thanks. After sever years of doing this he is still married to me! He takes off a week before Halloween every year to put the finishing touches on my insanity. Plus the months before that he works on building things.

Second has to be the rest of the family!
My daughter helps with costumes and acting, my nieces help with painting, and my poor Brother-in-law gets talked in to being something every year! And my parents give a hand with storage space!

Friendsare one thing that we would not be able to do without. We have many friends that come over every year and take part in the fun. Either pushing buttons in the back or wearing terribly hot costumes all night long. Here is a list of these people!
And we can't thank them enough!

Jim and Maureen Brady
The Ross Allen Family
Lilly Freeland
Pat Harder
Danielle Gloystein
Shannon Baker
Joshua, Tina, and Rebecca
Katie Todd
Judy & Marv Green
Joan Mulaney
Bob Quackenbush
Joe Boldt

Thanks to several local businesses we are ablle to build our Haunt every year. Here is a list of those that have been so helpful!

Sonoma Tops and Trophies
Thank you for the Beanie Babies to auction off! And also the other donations and discounts that you have given us.

Freidman Brothers
Thanks for the discount on our building materials and your help.

The Pet Stop of Petaluma
Thanks for all the donations and your many years of help and ideas.

Three Sisters
Linda at Three Sisters helped sell our raffle tickets, promoted the haunt to all her customers, and donated to the raffle!

Billy, Milly, and Willy Calleja
Where would we be without snacks to keep up our energy during the evening! Thanks for all the great food!

Mary's Pizza Shack
Thanks for the discount on our our Pizza's for Halloween night!

Sonoma Rental
Thanks for the discount on our rental needs.

Sonoma Paint Center
Thanks for the discount on the black paint!

Vallejo Spirit Store
Another great year of doing business. Thanks for the discounts!

Sonoma Valley Bank
Thanks for putting up our posters and helping promote our Haunt.

Sonoma Index Tribune
A Big Thanks for the great coverage you gave our event in the paper!

The San Fransico Chronicle
What a great surprise to see us in your paper! Thanks for contacting us and writing about us.

Special Thanks to Bob Andrews!

Bob and his wife were kind enough to donate their great Cemetery gate and fence to our haunt. Bob had many hours of work in it and we were very proud to use it as our main entrance!

And last, but not the least,
Thanks to the people of Sonoma Valley for coming to the haunt and leaving your donations!