On this page we will be posting some of our special guests that will be dropping by. We have a field trip from a local schools Special Education class coming through to see if we can scare them!
We have friends and family that are going to be visiting for a Thank You for your help celebration!
And we can't forget the Guests we will have here on the Big Night itself!!
So please come by often and check for the photos!

Our Halloween season began this year with a group of friends from the Halloween-l. We all went to Knotts Scary Farm in Anaheim California. Below are several pictures from the event.

Here sits Jeanni and Wil having dinner before the run into the park.

This is the
entrance to the "Domian of the Dead maze".

On the left you have Jeanni with her dates, and on the right you have my husband Mike with some ghouls he picked up!

A bunch of the gang waiting in line for one of the mazes!

Here are a couple of Girls just Dying to meet you! Love the nails!

The next morning a few of us met at the Halloween Store in L.A.! Chris and his friends were wide awake and ready to shop!

Please follow these links to
pictures of our events.

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