The Dragons Head Inn
For the last six years we have had a different theme every year. This meant new props, murals, buildings, etc. This year we have decided to go with a theme and idea that can be used every year with just some changes here and there.
Are first concern was getting more usage out of our small front yard. In the last few years we have cut it into several different rooms. This year we wanted could we do this. Then we talked to a friend from the Halloween List, and the owner of one of the commercial haunts in Myrtle Beach and Salem Massachusetts. Mr. Leonard Pickel. He has a way of taking a small space and making it into a great maze. We jumped on learning more about this and decided to use it for this years layout.
We have built with visqueen most of our years, this year we took the big plunge and purchesed a lot of plywood and lumber. Thanks to the help of another list member, Bob Andrews, and his donation of a major amount of lumber we were able to build the complete haunt with wood.
The Dragons Head Inn saying is "A Knights Stay Could Be Eternal". This is because there is no time line in the Inn. This allows us to have different era's in each room and reuse some of the supplies we have collected over the years. It will also allow my husband to have his sci-fi room some year...since it is the future! So we have a building and a the areas to fill!
The Rooms
The rooms have to fit into the maze idea that we are using. So we laid it out and decided to make several long hallway type areas, a few small rooms, and a big room at the end for the finale.

The Graveyard - The groups will enter through the gates of the Cemetery. Here they will have many tombstones to read and keep them busy. Maybe so busy they don't notice the Rattlesnake slowly coiling at their feet. A bite on the ankle might wake them....
There might be a wise old owl to keep a eye on them. Or maybe a skeleton leaning on a tombstone asking for some treats. One will never know what they find in the Graveyard of the Inn.

Crypt - You step out of the Graveyard into the mouth of a Family Crypt. Once inside you will find the family remains of the Inn's guests. But wait...what is that...the wall is vanishing and their is something dead behind it.

The Twilight Zone - This is the long hallway that is made from the walkway in our yard. We are enclosing this with wood and keeping it very dark. Then we are going to fill it with fog and shoot a circular light through it. This will give a cone shape effect in the fog and the people will walk into it. Right as they think they have reached the end they are forced to turn into the next room.

The Game Room - This room will have a window with a color organ that will flash with the sound of thunder. Making it appear that you can see outside. Then there will be a rocking chair rocking all by itself...or is it? A fireplace will be warming in the corner. And all around there will be signs of death. A Gypsy will be in this room and will tell of the legends of the Inn. She will lead them to the next room.

The Spiders Web - Spiders Spiders everywhere... and we do mean everywhere. The people will walk into this room and find spiders of every shape and size. Webs will be on all sides...and webs will be hanging from the ceiling. Black thread will make this room a interesting mental scare.
NOTE:This room came off great! except for no pictures. We hang a large rope web across the top of the room. Than we hung black thread from the web. We covered the tree that grows in the middle of the yard with webs and in a corner behind the tree we had someone standing with a GITD mask on. With a black light over head the webs all glowed, and the mask really showed up. When people came into the room they were greeted by a spider that dropped down in front of them, then my BIL in the mask would yell something...then they would run through the string webs. It was great to see the folks trying to rub off the vanishing webs. This room was always full and very small so I was not able to get any good pictures. We have decided to make this room into a spider and snake room next year...get all the phobias in one hit!

Skeleton Hall - This will be a long twisted hallway with black light only. Hanging in this hallway will be many flat plastic Glow in the Dark skeletons. The people will have to walk around and through them. Towards the end a cast member will be dressed all in black with one of the plastic skeletons sewn on his clothing. Just when the victims go past he will reach out and say hi! Also another hidden surprise at the very end of the hallway will await them...just when they thought they were safe.

The Tavern - What be a Haunted Inn without a Haunted Tavern. Skeletons will abound tipping back a mug or two. And there might be a popup surprise in a corner or maybe a spirit to many!

Trick or Treat - Treats will be handed out in this room. Or maybe all depends on what the lady of the room decides. She will be a Egyptian Queen with the treasures of her time around her.

The Dragons Den - This room is under construction and the details are a secret held close to my husband.

Notes - These are the starting ideas that we have. Things change as we find we can do more or less.There will be photos with each room detail as they become reality. I will also post names of companies that helped and phone numbers. So please come back often and see what we have created.