Every year as my husband hammers away outside, people ask.."what does your wife do?". My major job for Halloween and the haunt is designing, sewing, and creating the costumes. Now this may seem like a easy task to some, but I am a very picky person when it comes to the costumes.
So I thought this year I would post some photos of the process. So here you will find pictures from the start when all you see if a pile of patterns and material, to the end...

This picture shows some of the major costume patterns. The bridal pattern on the left will be altered to make several victorian costumes for the guides. With a few more changes it will also be my costume, all in black of course. One of our teenage guides will be wearing a version of the victorian pattern in the middle. I will also be making a white apron since her part in the cast is a very dead nanny. And the one on the right will be a Egyptian Queen who will of course be long dead, but still happy to show you her riches.

Here you see a Titanic costume pattern that will end up being a very deadly dress on a young vampiress. In the other direction we have the next pattern which will be worn in the "haunted nursery" room. This white night gown will be worn by the doll of the rooms last owner.

Now what Halloween would be complete without making at least a couple of costumes for the kids! So here you see a M&M that will make one young lady a blue candy for the big night. Also we have a clown suit, but this is no ordinary clown....when this is done it will be worn by a Killer Clown from Outer Space!!! Don't you just love Halloween!!

Well one costume down! The Killer Clown from Outer Space is loose on the world!
Here is Austin with his costume, mask, and weapon!

Brandon likes to go as something different. This year it was Blasto from the computer game! He was happy with it!

Maureen is one of the major helpers at the haunt. This year she was found wearing a victorian style dress. Another one done...

Here is my niece before we dress her for school.

Now you see her other personality! She took 2nd place at the Jr. High! always have to have candy on Halloween.
Here is Kaila as a blue M&M! Next year she wants to be a candy corn..

This costume was worn by one of the helpers.
My niece was kind enough to put it on so I could show it here.
It was a skirt and top combination.

This is only a start, so please come back and check how the whole process is going!
Think I will make the deadline?

NOTE: Well, we made the deadline with the help of my Daughter Khristine who did a lot of cutting and some sewing. Time to get ready for next year.