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alentines is a holiday that we start to celebrate as school children. I can remember in first grade taking the little Valentines cards to school to give to all my classmates. Then as I got older I spent many a night cutting out red construcion paper hearts for parties and dances. Then where was the first box of candy that was not from my parents. Now after 24 years of marriage a quiet dinner for two and a drive to the beach is my idea of the perfect Valentines Day!
This page will be filled with crafts, recipes for sweetheart treats, and ideas for romantic evenings. So please come back and see what has been added.

This heart will lead you to a page with several simple Valentine craft ideas. Also a very easy way to make some sweets for your sweetheart!!

All of the sites listed below are available year around. So you can remember that someone special at anytime of the year!!

Until we are finished maybe you would like to check out Godiva! For that someone special!

Here is a great site to send that someone you love a card with your special thoughts of LOVE!

At the virtual florist you can send that someone a virtual rose, or a dozen of the real thing!

Here is a great page with links to all sorts of great holiday sites! ENJOY!

Looking for that High School Sweetheart that you have not seen in years? Well then check out this site!