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This is a chance for you contractors and builders out there to get rid of some of your trash. We are in need of lumber, plywood, and other materials. To keep the cost down and the profits up on the haunt we are hoping to obtain extra building materials from local job sites that are throwing their scraps out!

We would be glad to mail or email you a list of the materials we are looking for. If you should have anything you think we could use please drop me a line and we will set up a time to come and pick it up. It is just that easy!

For those people donating materials to the haunt we have several surprises.

1. Our thanks and appreciation for your help.

2. Several FREE passes to the haunted house.

3. Your name on our media materials, mentions in news articles, and a sign at the Haunted House telling all that enter who has helped build this great Charity Haunt.

4. Our Haunt is featured on AOL's Halloween page. We are taking part in their national sponsorship program this year. This will give our web pages thousands of hits through the Halloween season. Your name will be posted on our Sponsors Thank You page for all to see. This is a national program and will give us major coverage.

5. Last but not least on Thursday October 28th, the Dragon's Head Inn will hold a open house for all our Sponsors. You will be able to get a early look at the haunt, have fun with some strange photo sections, and enjoy some scary treats!