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If not for the people listed below this
haunt would not be what it is today.
Please take the time to read the names
of the people and businesses who helped
us make this work.
And if you can stop at our sponsors and
tell them you saw their name here!

Main Street Homes Inc.
Ph: 707-573-5941
Owner: Marc Negri

Marc and his company are building
a group of homes on Riverside Dr. here in
Sonoma. He was kind enough to give us
all his left over lumber. There is enough
from his kindness alone to almost build
the entire haunt!

Chiodo Entertainment
1919 Peralta, Oakland, California
Ph: 510-663-8143 Fax:510-663-8145
Owner: Mario Chiodo

Mario Chiodo, the owner
of Chiodo Entertainment, was kind
enough to donate several of his
detailed masks and props
to help us decorate our haunt.

Joanns Fabrics
Rohnert Park, California

The girls and the manager at our
local fabric store are the best folks
around. They keep us informed on sales
when we need materials. And help us
with the cost!

Freidman Bros.
Sonoma, California

We drive these folks nuts every
year with our crazy requests, and
bizarre needs. They go out of their
way to help us and give us a discount!
You can't beat that!

Raymond Caouette
Sonoma, California

This was our first private donation
to the haunt! Thanks for your support!