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While looking for information on St. Patricks Day I was surprised to find so many shopping sites. I have linked a couple of them to this page. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did.

A traditional Irish piece of jewellery is the Claddagh Ring. "The Claddagh" is a symbol of Love, Friendship, and Loyalty. Around 400 years ago in a village overlooking Galway Bay called Claddagh, lived a Master Goldsmith named Richard Joyce. He designed the now famous design that is a big part of Irish Heritage.

If the ring is worn on the right hand with the crown turned inward it shows that your heart is not taken. If the crown it turned outward it says that love is being considered. If the ring is worn on the left hand and the crown is turned outwards than it shows your heart is truly spoken for.

This page has some wonderful pieces of jewellery and they can all be ordered straight from Ireland.

Nothing is as beautiful as Wateford Crystal. And this site has so many wonderful pictures to show you their treasures. Even this wonderful crystal egg would make a great gift for someone this Easter!

My best friend in the world, Maureen Brady, is as Irish as they come. Her maiden name was Connolly so when I found this site I had to included it on my Irish page in her honor. This is a great place for Irish gifts of all kinds. The picture of the pin below is one of the wonderful pieces they have. Please check this out if you want a feeling of a true Irish Store.

This is the homepage of "Deise Fine Crystal". They have some gorgeous stemware and bowls. Make sure to check out all the different areas that they have. I love the champagne flute that go with the set pictured here.

This is the "House of Ireland" homepage. This site will give you links to any shopping you are interested in. I looked at the Wateford Crystal, Knitwear, and the Irish Linen. If this store does not have something I am sure they have a link that will take you were you want. Great Site - A must SEE!!.

This is a picture of the front of the actual store in Ireland. It has many wonderful gifts, and a nice story of it's history.

This is a great old Irish Book Store. He will do special searches for books. You can almost smell the leather book covers.

The Golden Rose has some wonderful Celtic Jewelry and some fine accessories.

Here is a great group of Email cards to send your friends for St. Patricks Day. Don't forget on St. Patricks Day we are all Irish!! So if you can't share a pint...share a card!


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