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Irish Soda

This wonderful Irish Soda Bread recipe was given to me by my best friend Maureen. She knows for a fact that this recipe is at least 100 years old because her Grandmother was the lady that gave it to her. And her Grandmother learned it from her this is a loved and much used family recipe.

You are looking at this recipe and wondering where the soda comes in. The history of the recipe is that when it was made all those many years ago they used buttermilk instead of whole milk. Since they used buttermilk they needed the soda. Now we use whole milk so the soda is not needed.Because this recipe is very old some of the directions are a little out of date. I will give you the recipe just as Maureen's Grandmother gave it to her and then I will give you some of the modern notes.

6 cups all purpose flour
6 tsp baking powder (1 tsp per cup of flour)
3 eggs
1 pkg. of raisens
sugar to taste
1/2 cup walnuts
pinch of salt
Milk to stir

Mix all ingredients
Grease a large cast iron skillet
Pour batter into skillet
Bake at 350 - for 1hour to 1hour 10min.

Modern Notes-
Mix the raisens and the eggs together before adding to the mix. This will disperse the raisens better.
The sugar is 1/2 cup to 3/4 cup in most recipes
Maureen says that she uses not quite a quart of milk. You want a thick batter. Always use whole milk or the batter will not bake right.


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