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Graphics are very important in the making of your homepage. The sites posted here are pages where I found some nice backgrounds, graphics, and animations. Many of these have Holiday graphics, and a couple are search engines to look for your special needs. This will be updated often, new sites will be marked.

Clip Art Search Engine
Rose's Backgrounds Archive
Cool Graphics on the Web
The Design Shoppe
Seasonal Animations
Background Gallery

Halloween Haunt ClipArt
Clipart and Photo Index
Christmas Art
Icon Parade
Yikes! Free Graphics
Hee Yun's Graphic Collection
Lori's Collection of Craft Clip Art

Mangus Productions ClipArt Server
Simply Holiday
Web Grafx Icons
Bimsan's Web Graphics
Clip Art Connection
Andy's Art
Hubble Pictures
Free Art
Carol's Clipart Collection
Terry Gould's Graphics

Leechware Graphics
Hopnoodle's Haven
Galadriel's Web Page

Most of the images used on this page were found on "Paragons" homepage. Click below to link to their site.

Halloween Page