The Fable of
The Dragons Head Inn

Many centuries ago their
was built a inn.
And for many years this
inn gave food and drink
to the people of the area.
Now it is said that the
inn was built during the
times when dragons filled
the skies...
So it received it's name...
"Dragons Head Inn".

Then one sad day the
last Dragon vanished...
No one remembers what day
it was, they just remember
that they never viewed
another Dragon flying
across the skys
One thing that people did
remember was that around
that same time the Inn
also vanished. In a mist
that no one remembered seeing
before this just
faded away.

Rumor was that the dragon
was somewhere in the depths
of the caves beneath the Inn.
And only on the evening of
Halloween does the Inn
reappear.So for
a few hours you may
venture forth into the Inn,
but remember the Dragon's Lair
is somewhere beneath...

One more small thing that you
should remember...
The Dragons Head Inn has always
retained one visitor from each
yearly haunting. The Inn has kept
them as permanent guests.
So don't forget to say hello.
You might be the lucky soul
This year.
So come venture forth
and visit
the Dragons Head Inn...

The Inn is waiting for you!