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Automated Scarecrow

We wanted a spooky scarecrow for our graveyard last year, but not just a dummy standing there. We started to look around the house for something that could automate our straw friend. We found a old rotisserie motor and rod and that started the process. Here is a list of supplies you will need and directions on how to put them together.


Two bean pole stakes, or any wood that will support your scarecrow.

One rotisserie motor and rod.

One pumpkin head. We used a foam head we purchased from the Nightmare Factory. You can use a phony head of any type, or a real pumpkin.

A pair of pants and a shirt. Make sure they are both old, torn, and dirty.

A roll of twine or wire. This needs to hold the wood and rotisserie together.

Some straw or torn up brown paper bags. And a bunch of newspapers for stuffing.

Two plastic skeleton hands, or gloves stuffed with paper so that they will stand up.


Tie the two pieces of wood in a cross formation. Make sure they are secure. The stake that is going to go in the ground should have a point so it will pound into the ground easier.

Attach the rotisserie with the twine/wire at the intersection of the two pieces of wood. Make sure that the opening for the rod it pointing up.

Take the pieces of straw and put them up in the bottom of the pants leg and tie the pants leg shut. This will hold in the straw and close the bottom so the stuffing won't fall out.

Now stuff newspapers into the legs and body of the pants until they are stuffed, but not bulging.

Take the pieces of straw and put them in the hand openings of the shirt. Also put in the skeleton hands or whatever you are using for hands. Tie them off with the cord. Again this will hold the straw and the hands in place, and close the end of the arm so the stuffing won't fall out.

Stuff the newspapers into the shirt to fill it out.

Stick the poles in the ground and tie the pants onto the front of the poles. Now place the shirt on the poles with the bottom of the shirt going over the top of the pants. Make sure the rod coming out of the rotisserie is able to move in the neck opening. Tie the shirt closed at the waist.

At this point you should have a body for the scarecrow with the rod sticking up through the neck. Place your foam head, mask, or pumpkin on the rod. Make sure that it is very secure so that when the rod turns the head turns with it.

You have just created a very attention getting scarecrow for your haunted yard. What is nice about the rotisserie motor is that it runs on batteries, and turns very slowly. This way people have to look for awhile to get the idea of what is going on, at first they are not quite sure if they saw it move or not.

You can use anykind of mask you want to use. Or take your pumpkin and carve a face and place a flashlight in it. Your head is the catch point so that is were you really want to use your imagination.

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