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The Gallery
The Twilight Zone room is one of the area's
that never came out like we planned. We
instead cut this area into two different
rooms. The first was a square room with a
coffin on the right side. In the coffin laid
a very campy looking Dracula dummy. As the
kids went by and commented how DUMB
it looked a volunteer leaped out from the
other end of the coffin. This was great for
a scream or three.
Later that evening people would take turn
standing behind a curtain and jumping out
when people where in that room.

The next room was the long hallway and we
turned that into a Gallery. We had several
pictures that changed under black light, a
large negative mask that followed you all over
the hall, and a few other surprises. Due to
size of the hall we only were able to take a
few photos. Maybe we will get to use the
original idea next year.